Lawn Restorer

When treatments just aren’t enough

A sparse or tired lawn, over-seeded with professional quality grasses and rejuvenated with a balanced top-dressing can become lush and green within a short time. Grass varieties are tested to ensure rapid establishment and a deep green colour with outstanding visual appearance and stress tolerance. Top-dressings improve soil composition and filtration as well as helping to create a more even surface. Restoring a lawn is generally more cost effective, and more practical, than returfing.

Problem lawn to perfect lawn

The above lawn in Mobberley had been neglected for some time. There was a significant layer of moss as well as surface and sub-surface thatch and other lawn problems. The existing grasses were sparse and patch repairs using different types of grasses gave an uneven appearance. We were able to put together a program of lawn treatments, aeration and scarification as well as over-seeding with an appropriate mix of professional quality grasses and top-dressing to rejuvenate this lawn. The pictures you see were taken 6 weeks apart.

Lawn Restorer

Bringing a lawn to life

A sparse, tired and moss ridden lawn, that’s seen better days, can be transformed within a relatively short time. Giving your lawn a fresh start in this way is often more cost effective and practical than returfing.