Let your lawn breathe

The Lawn Room offers different types of aeration depending on the particular needs of the lawn and the results required. Options include hollow-tine, solid-tine, spiking and chisel-tine aeration. We also offer aeration of varying depths. Hollow-tine aeration is the process of mechanically removing cores of soil from the lawn to allow air, nutrients and water to penetrate into the root zone. 

The Lawn Room also offers solid-tine, spiking and chisel-tine aeration in situations where hollow-tines might not be appropriate, for example, on heavy clay soil or in situations where quick recovery or minimum surface disruption is essential or where removing cores could be problematic.

What are the benefits of aerating a lawn?

Aerating in general helps relieve compaction caused by settling, continual foot traffic and the back and forth of garden machinery.  It also opens up the soil for lawn renovations with the perforations giving the depth and soil contact needed to aid successful over-seeding.  It is also a good time to consider top-dressing your lawn after hollow-tine aerating to further improve the root zone.  Cores should always be removed from the surface to prevent lawn damage.

As you can’t immediately see the effect and benefit of aerating your lawn (apart from any holes of course) in the way that you can with scarification, for example, its importance is often underestimated.  However, aerating a lawn using specialist machinery is a mainstay of professional turf maintenance for a very good reason. It is important in thatch management and in developing deeper and stronger roots as well as stimulating thicker, greener and healthier growth and making it more resilient to dry spells and lawn problems. 

The Lawn Room recommends aerating every type of lawn annually.

When can Aeration be carried out?

Aeration can be carried out at any time of year providing the ground isn’t too dry, frozen, frost covered or saturated, with the ideal times being the Autumn and Spring months.

Aeration – Let your lawn breathe

Aeration is an integral part of any lawn improvement program as it promotes stronger and deeper root development and, therefore, healthier green grass. Stronger root systems mean stronger grass plants with improved resistance to, and recovery from, extended dry spells and certain lawn diseases.

Perhaps the most well known, hollow-tine aeration is only one option and often over used on domestic lawns.  Cores should be removed to prevent lawn damage.  Other options include Solid and Chisel tines.

Aeration can really help your lawn thrive throughout the growing season.  Metal tines penetrate the lawn relieving compaction and allowing vital air, water and nutrients to permeate the root zone.